Eggstraordinary Sale

Food prices may have been rising lately, but this takes the biscuit (and helps make the cake) – a single chicken egg has just fetched £480.

round egg

And apparently it is not the first time that a perfectly spherical egg has been sold for a substantial sum.

Gina Read, editor of a free online magazine for backyard chicken keepers, said “when I first started keeping chickens, with the initial coop costs and everything else involved, we would often joke that the eggs were costing hundreds of pounds a dozen – now it seems that is true :-)”

The owner of the clever hen, Kim Broughton, was surprised when it had been bid up to £20, so must have been shell-shocked when it reached it’s final price.

Gina added “I am surprised it got as much as that, and very pleased for the charity. Hopefully this will encourage more people to think about keeping chickens – although don’t expect too many round eggs, they are quite rare.”

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