Hypnotique Vintage Max Factor Perfume Cat

This was quite a lucky find. It’s not worth a fortune (perhaps $30) but it is quite collectable – and we found it in with a box of bits that my sister had purchased at a local sale for less than $2. It was a complete surprise to find it in there as she had only bought the box for the sleep timer she had seen in it, so this was a nice little bonus.

maxfactor perfume cat

It is a Max Factor perfume called Hypnotique sold in the 1950s we think (or possibly 60s) and is in a plastic dome with a yellow cat in a feather boa and pearl necklace. When trying to find out more about them we have also seen what looks to be the same thing with different colored cats (blue, pink and black) so think there are at least four colors to collect.

A pretty nice find from a box of rubbish 🙂